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Sala Silver City - where Sweden became rich

Till startsidan

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Hi and welcome to my website, I have seen that there are several people who visit my page from other countries and  I would like to give you a small presentation of what my blog is about.

I am a woman in my 37th year, trying to figure out a way to make my living and at the same time use my democratic rights that we have in Sweden, to speak from my heart and contribute to making "my own world" Sala a better place to be. I'm a swedish citizen and local politician in a small town call Sala. It is located about 10 swedish miles north of our capital town Stockholm. We are struggling with the urbanisation where more and more people move from the country side to live in a larger city. We want to change this and make people from the city move out to a smaller city or on the countryside by pushing the goverment to build better communications.

Sala is located in one of the oldest regions in Sweden and our city was built around the silvermine that started here in the 15th century. Sala was founded the same year as Göteborg 1624 and is a very old city.
It was created by the people who came here to work in the mine and the goverment people who owned the mine a lot of the people came from Belgium and Nothern Germany. People both built lakes and pounds in the middle of the city which is still here. Today there is a beautiful park surrounding the pounds in the park and the lakes are still here to swim and bath in.  The silver from the mine gave the goverment of Sweden money to build the rest of the country.
The local parti that I work with is called "Salas Best" and we only do politics that concerns Sala.
Our idea is to build a city were everything is close to you. Where you rather take a walk or take the bike to work than take the car. We want a place where the people in the communties work together to build their surroundings. Where we have enough money to help out the elderly and see to it that our chilren has the best quality in school. Where you can go to the movies, play soccer, tennis and other sports close to where you live.
We do not want to be a supersize or medium size city, we want to be the best small city there is.

We want to show the world our beautiful city and hope that you will come and visit! Maybe you would like to have more space, more close to everything and the possibility at the same time to visit a larger city if needed?
Then you have come to the right place! Sweden is very similar to Canada, Holland or Germany, the main diffrens to Germany and Holland is that we have space! =)

In Sala you can start up your own company and you get help all the way or move your current business to Sala. You can live in a small city close to everything or a bit out where you can have your own farm or house close to horses. There are a lot of places around Sala which is very cheap if you come from abroad.  If you own a larger company and are looking for a place to put it, come to Sala and pay us a visit, we are selling dem specified for business but much cheaper than if you buy dem in Västerås or Stockholm! We are close to both Västerås, 35 kilometer, Enköping 40 kilometers, Stockholm 100 kilometers, Uppsala 80 kilometers, Borlänge 100 kilometers.

Please visit or for more information.
Read more about Sala Silvermine here!

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